Tiny watercolour kit


I’ve loved the idea of drawing and painting whilst out and about, especially as I start seeing artists posting for “Plein Airpril”. I’ve also found it very easy to make excuses to not do this, one of them being just not having any drawing tools with me at the right time. Well not anymore!

Photo of my tiny watercolour kit

Inspired by some Youtube videos, I put together a pocket-sized watercolour kit using bits and pieces I had on hand. My kit includes:

  1. A little tin that used to contain pins
  2. Four Winsor & Newton watercolour half pans, given to me as part of a larger palette from a friend, with little magnets stuck on the back with glue so they don’t rattle around
  3. A Koi waterbrush and tiny sponge from my Sakura Koi Watercolour Pocket Field Sketch Box
  4. A little pencil that made its way home with me from IKEA
  5. Cut up pieces of watercolour paper, held onto a Rhodia notebook cover with a clip
  6. A purse that holds the tin, waterbrush, and pencil, but not the notebook

Photo of my tiny watercolour kit

So far I’ve done a test painting at home, and started another whilst out at a playground with the kids (not so successful). I don’t know that I’ll necessarily be making any fabulous art, but this kit is small enough to take with me most places I go. I’m still learning how to mix colours with primaries and how to adjust to using a waterbrush. I think it’s likely that if I do any painting whilst out and about, I’ll be finishing it at home with more tools and more time. But I’m so pleased that I was able to put this together without having to buy anything new!

Photo of my tiny watercolour kit

I do think that this could be improved, but who knows if I’ll still have the urge to do plein air panting by then? I’m going to give this a go for a while and see how it goes.

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