Sketchbook 4

I started this sketchbook in October 2023 and completed it in January 2024.

📖 Paper Republic drawing book
🎨 Daniel Smith watercolours
✏️ Prismacolor Premier pencils
✒️ Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport other random materials

This was my first time using the pocket or A6 size, after using mostly A5 or larger sketchbooks. I tend towards working small so this was a good change. It was so convenient to carry around with me, and that may be why there's even a few sketches done on location in there. You can see more about my notebook system here.

I did some experimenting with different media as well as continuing with my watercolours. When I felt like I was losing steam and running out of ideas, I did the 100 Heads challenge, fanart studies and some different timed drawings.

The drawing book paper was lovely with pens and pencils, and not bad with watercolour. Although it wasn't designed for watercolour I think that those sketches are some of my favourites.

IMG_0657.jpeg|watercolour sketch of a bottle of ink and 2 fountain pens

IMG_4737.jpeg|watercolour sketch of an old house

IMG_4732.jpeg|watercolour sketch of a barista making coffee

IMG_4731.jpeg|watercolour sketch of two faces

IMG_4730.jpeg|ink sketch of a nude tattooed woman reclining on a couch

sketchbook4 1.jpeg|crayon sketches of faces

sketchbook4 6.jpeg|ink and wash sketch of Dunedin train station