End of the year and 100 heads

Hey there,

It's that time of year where I start thinking where did the year go? I feel like I did too much to hold in my head and yet not much at all, like I'm a completely different person yet still the me from January. I'm getting old enough that places, events and especially times like the end of the year are layered with memories, some happy and some sad. Lives ending, lives about to begin, both literally and figuratively. I'm sure it's a time of mixed feelings and layers of memories for many people.

sketchbook4 2 1.jpeg

If like me you're the type to do some reflecting and journaling at the end of the year, here's the simple list of prompts I used in 2022 and plan to continue with. I usually do this in the days after Christmas but I've already started thinking about what I've learned this year.

Something I keep relearning is to push down my inner critic and just give things a go, even if it's only because otherwise my brain will just keep thinking about it. Even if it's unlikely to earn me money or praise, only the joy of making cool stuff. This newsletter is one of those things, where I had to quiet down the voice telling me no one cares what you have to say, who are you to take up space in people's inboxes? But I know that if I didn't try it, I would have been endlessly mentally cycling through all the cool things I could write but found excuses not to. If you are actually reading this then you are part of a very exclusive group, and I thank you for sticking with me!

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I’m trying to remember to not put expectations on myself over this holiday period. Whilst I’ll have a couple of weeks off of work, the work of a parent of young kids never really ends. There will be some quiet moments whilst they play with new toys or watch too much tv (“quiet” is relative) for me to scribble some thoughts or sneak in some painting before they notice and come to investigate. I do really want to finish my 100 heads challenge because I’m just so temptingly close, and also kind of over drawing heads.

How has your year been? Do you get much of a break over this season? I hope you get what you need from this strange time of year. Please let me know if you have any particular end of year journaling rituals!

Til next time, if I continue doing this newsletter next year,


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