Perth Web Accessibility Camp 2023

This is one of the Perth conferences that I look forward to every year, because there's always such a diverse range of speakers and topics within accessibility. In particular I enjoyed the talks with case studies of real organisations embedding accessibility into their practice.

P.S. Yes, I did check that my colour palette has sufficient contrast.

sketchnote of W3C WAI developments, a talk by Janina Sajka

sketchnote of Accessibility projects at Telstra, a talk by Ben Pintos-Oliver

sketchnote of What's next in WCAG, a talk by Amanda Mace

sketchnote of Higher Education for all, a talk by Dr Scott Hollier

sketchnote of Accessibility Acceptance Criteria, a talk by Melanie O'Brienn

sketchnote of History of Web Accessibility, a talk by Gian Wild

sketchnote of Case study of accessibility in an insurance agency, a talk by Sam Dancey, Ben Crompton, and Kim Bonnefoy

sketchnote of What's new in accessible social media, a talk by Vithya Vijayakumare

sketchnote of How to support Windows High Contrast Mode, a talk by Julie Grundy