DDD Perth 2019 in sketchnotes

DDD Perth is one of my favourite conferences, so having a young baby in tow wasn’t going to stop me from attending – and sketchnoting. I wasn’t able to get all of it, but being prepared meant that these are some of the nicest sketchnotes I’ve done!

Some things I did to make sure I was set up:

Setting up in advance meant that I could spend more time doing little portraits of each speaker based on their bio pics, rather than scrambling during the talk or having to remember afterwards.

![img_1346.jpg|Sketchnote of the talk "AI for Earth"](/img/user/assets/sketching/img_1346.jpg)


assets/sketching/img_1349.jpg|Sketchnote of Design Ops talk

You can see the 2019 program for DDD Perth, which also has links to videos of the talks, if you’re interested in the topics above.