Procrastination through process

I've found that I'm very good at procrastination under the guise of productivity. Usually this starts with wanting to do a relatively simple thing, and ends up with taking a deep dive into finding just the right tool or process to really optimise it. Going down this rabbit hole /feels/ productive, but often it's not really proportionate to the actual thing I want to do, and enables me to just put it off longer.

There are definitely times where having a front-loaded effort makes everything else easier down the track, which is what I've been telling myself as I put together this site. I am trying to rein myself in from spending too much time on what might become just another website that I never update, even if the process of updating it is as easy as I can make it.

Where is the sweet spot between investing just enough effort to make all future efforts easier, versus being too obsessed with the process to ever make a product? It's hard to say.

Anyway, the point I'm making is that this site looks a bit raw and I haven't quite got My Obsidian workflow publishing posts right, but since no one knows it exists I'm rolling with it anyway.

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