Books I've read in 2022

This year, I've somehow gone from reading very few books to back up to pre-kid levels. I've put this down to actually getting consistently decent sleep, moving to a part-time job, and deliberately not putting pressure on myself to read if I don't want to.

Since reading How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens I've also really taken to the concept of "don't let good ideas go to waste", and have gone down the rabbithole of zettlekasten and personal knowledge management (essentially taking notes as you read). I feel like this has transformed how I read non-fiction, and made me want to read a lot more as a result.

I've come to realise that being able read quickly is a superpower, and its one I'm planning to learn into more in 2023.

In (roughly) the order they were read:

  1. The Overstory, Richard Powers,
  2. Die with Zero, Bill Perkins
  3. The Ministry for the Future, Kim Stanley Robinson
  4. Four Hour Work Week (2007), Tim Ferriss
  5. Mothering our boys, Maggie Dent
  6. How to Take Smart Notes (2022) , Sönke Ahrens
  7. Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir
  8. Lean UX (2016), Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden
  9. I didn’t do the thing today (2022), Madeline Dore
  10. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
  11. Big Magic (2015), Elizabeth Gilbert
  12. The Artist’s Way (2020), Julia Cameron
  13. Articulating Design Decisions(2021), Tom Greever
  14. Four Thousand Hours (2021), Oliver Burkeman
  15. The Art of Frugal Hedonism (2016), Annie Raser-Rowland, Adam Grubb
  16. Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
  17. The Strange Library, Haruki Murakami

Started in 2022

  1. Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Sue Lynn Tan
  2. Continuous Discovery Habits (2021), Teresa Torres

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