A better way to read email newsletters

With many writers now using email newsletters to publish, I’ve been finding myself spending more and more time reading long and interesting content in Mail rather than a browser. This has a few drawbacks for me:

So I wanted to keep these emails, which are more like articles or blog posts really, with other long articles that I save. I was doing this manually, but I wanted to skip the step of them coming into my email inbox entirely. I couldn’t figure out how to make this happen in Pocket, so shifted to open source alternative Omnivore. Here’s how my setup looks now:

! Screenshot of the Omnivore app on my phone
Huge improvement in reading experience compared to Mail

Since making the shift I’ve found that my email app is much quieter and less a place that I turn to for quick amusement. I’m reading in Omnivore far more often than I did in Pocket, although that could be new-shiny-thing syndrome. I’m yet to face the pile of long and serious articles stacking up as I had with Pocket, but I’m reminding myself to treat my to-read list like a river and not fool myself that I can read it all. I’m also saving a lot more highlights from what I read to my notes, because there’s slightly less friction there. And there are so many fascinating and exciting things I read that I want to capture and hold onto and expand on.