Finishing a sketchbook

Photo of my sketchbook with gold foiled cover

Hello! It's been a while. Safe to say that the weekly newsletter thing has (unsurprisingly) not worked out. But I felt compelled to write to you again because of something that doesn't happen very often: I finished a sketchbook!

I don't think I've ever managed to keep such a consistent drawing practice, and although individually most of the pages are not really that impressive, together it's six months of my life in scribbles, experiments and crinkly pages. Between my watercolour explorations, pasted in drawings, and generally being treated a bit roughly, this cheap notebook is looking a bit chonky and well loved. I finally got around to adding some gold foiling, as I used to do for my bullet journals. It's personal and precious, a turning point for me creatively.

I've added some of my favourite pages here, and here is a super fast flip through.

I wrote a few reflections on the final page - I'd like to come back to these and expand on them on this site someday.

Scribbled reflections

I'm curious - do you keep a sketchbook or notebook? How do you use it, or wish you could use it?