UX Camp Perth 2023 - sketchnotes

ux-camp-23 - 4.jpeg|sketchnotes for the intro and welcome to country of UX Camp Perth 2023, as well as my to do list for the night before and the badge for speaking at UX Camp
What an awesome day at UXCamp Perth | Boorloo! This was my third time attending and it’s always full of good vibes and great chats. It’s still amazing to me that I can attend such a high quality event at a low cost without having to fly somewhere. The Perth UX community is so open and supportive, which made it an easy to choice to pitch my first conference talk in 5 years (my last one was Sketching and how to win at pictionary at DDDPerth 2018).

I spent a lot of time preparing for my talk, on Starting with Sketchnotes, because I really wanted to include some live drawing and completely hand drawn "slides". It's a bit of a gamble when the unconference format meant that I might not even get to present, but worth the extra effort. Huge thanks to the lovely people who voted my talk in and participated in sketchnoting along with me! It was super cool to spot people sketchnoting in talks throughout the day 👀

Although I usually sketchnote on my iPad, this time I decided to go fully analog, to see if I still can. I missed being able to undo and move things around, but overall being constrained to one pen and an A6 page was somehow freeing? Maybe it's because it's harder to try and be a perfectionist. Usually I get to the end of a conference day drained, but this time I left feeling happy and energised. I might stick to simple pen and paper more often.

As usual, these notes will make more sense to me than anyone else! Check with UXCamp Perth | Boorloo for recordings and slides when they are released.
ux-camp-23 - 1.jpeg|sketchnotes for talks Pathfinding in life and complex product design by Georgia and 7 ways to AI can boost your creativity and productivity AI by Trent

ux-camp-23 - 2.jpeg|sketchnotes for Games games games by meg and Sabotage! by Nick
ux-camp-23 - 3.jpeg|sketchnotes for Is being a UX designer just a professional form of people pleasing? By Min