Sketchbook 3

Started August 2023
Completed October 2024

📖 Born Visual Art Diary, A5
🎨 Daniel Smith, White Nights, , Micador watercolours
✏️ Prismacolor Premier pencils
✒️ Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport lots of other random materials

This was kind of a “junk” sketchbook, until I finished Sketchbook 2 and it became my main one. I didn’t have high hopes for this cheap mixed media sketchbook paper, but it was almost great, considering the price. It wasn’t just that it cost me less, but not feeling at all precious about “wasting” it was freeing and meant a lot more experimentation and risks, some of which paid off. I’d consider buying it again if it came in a smaller softcover version.

Some things I enjoyed trying out were permanent inks, my kids cheap watercolours, and sketching my travels, recent and long past.

IMG_5175.jpeg|market sketch of fruits

IMG_5173.jpeg|highlighter and pen sketches of plants

IMG_5176.jpeg|watercolour painting of a local house

IMG_5177.jpeg|watercolour and ink painting of a bee and flowers

sketchbook3 6.jpeg|watercolour sketches of a black cat and my dog, ink sketch of a room in disarray as I was organising a cupboard

IMG_5180.jpeg|ink and watercolour sketch of a street with trees

IMG_5174.jpeg|ink sketches of flowers, plants and bees, as I tried to use up an ink cartridge

sketchbook3 5.jpeg|sketches of San Sebastián and Lisbon in the kids cheap watercolours

IMG_5181.jpeg|watercolour sketch of the view from my dining table out to the courtyard

IMG_5182.jpeg|ink and watercolour sketch of my living room with my son and many toys

IMG_5184.jpeg|watercolour and ink sketch from a trip in the southern region of Western Australia - Wild Hop brewery, flying a shark kite, eating ice cream

IMG_5186.jpeg|watercolour sketch of Yallingup Bakery counter

IMG_5188.jpeg|ink sketch of a coffee truck in Japan

IMG_5191.jpeg|watercolour sketch of the Neuschwanstein Castle