Design Research conference 2018, in sketchnotes

I was lucky enough to be able to fly to Melbourne to attend the annual Design Research conference for 2018. Here’s my sketchnotes from the very impressive lineup. I learned so much!

assets/sketching/img_1812.jpg|sketchnote: How to cultivate curiosity
assets/sketching/img_1810.jpg|sketchnote: collaborative design for data driven projects
assets/sketching/img_1005-1.jpg|sketchnote: the good, the bad and the empathy
assets/sketching/img_1809-1.jpg|sketchnote: research with internal users
assets/sketching/img_1813.jpg|sketchnote: scaling a design research practice
assets/sketching/img_1811-1.jpg|sketchnote: how design research drives strategy
assets/sketching/img_1807.jpg|sketchnote: the power of proverbial expression in design research
assets/sketching/img_1006-3.jpg|sketchnote: championing inclusive research
assets/sketching/img_1003-1.jpg|sketchnote: ethics of design research