DDD Perth 2019 in sketchnotes

sketching sketchnotes

DDD Perth is one of my favourite conferences, so having a young baby in tow wasn’t going to stop me from attending – and sketchnoting. I wasn’t able to get all of it, but being prepared meant that these are some of the nicest sketchnotes I’ve done!

Some things I did to make sure I was set up:

  • went over the program in detail and decided which talks to attend
  • set up a colour palette and my brush set that I use for sketchnotes
  • made a new file for each talk in Procreate with the header and footer set up

Setting up in advance meant that I could spend more time doing little portraits of each speaker based on their bio pics, rather than scrambling during the talk or having to remember afterwards.

Sketchnote of the talk "AI for Earth"

You can see the 2019 program for DDD Perth, which also has links to videos of the talks, if you’re interested in the topics above.